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Vivaldi Catering

Glentruan Cottage

Lhen Road  

Bride, Isle of Man



Tel: 07624 485999


Facebook: CookShackIOM


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Opening hours: 9am to 7pm, all week

Our team

Georgie Revill, the proprietor of Vivaldi Catering has many years of experience in catering, having attended an extensive array of courses all over the world. She has a particular passion for using local produce, feeling the importance and health benefits of keeping the food mileage low.  Georgie operated and ran a ski chalet in the Alpes and also was the licencee & manager of a hotel in Douglas, Isle of Man. She lived in the Caribbean for over 10 years where she met and married her husband, and in Vancouver Island for six where their children were born and raised. She particularly enjoys travelling and returning with specialised food items, many of which she incorporates within her courses.  The premises has been inspected by DEFA, Georgie's Grade II Food Hygiene Certificate is current and she holds relevant first aid qualifications.

Meet our team

Rachel Groves - Assistant and who by working so hard makes it all so enjoyable
Chief gorse picker and washer upper, Ollie Riddell
Lydia Riddell, Assistant Chef
Chef Georgie
The dutiful husband, Mikey, who stays out of the way but is always grateful for left overs!
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