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Vivaldi Catering

Glentruan Cottage

Lhen Road  

Bride, Isle of Man



Tel: 07624 485999


Facebook: CookShackIOM


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Opening hours: 9am to 7pm, all week

Our courses: anything is possible!

Whether you are looking for an escape for a few hours, a birthday gift for a friend or loved one, a corporate experience to share with your colleagues, or just want to have a go at making bread or some ideas for exotic Thai and Indian dishes, why not book a course with Vivaldi Catering.  Anything is possible! We are open to suggestions and will greet you with enthusiasm and a smile and hopefully you will leave in the same way.


A typical session will be as follows:


  • 11.30am or 1.00pm - A friendly welcome, Prosecco, Apple Orphanage juices 'Georgie Porgie' flapjacks and a slew of delicious tapas
  • A good hand wash and donning of the aprons
  • Breadmaking/Thai/Indian/Sushi/Vegetarian/Sauces....the list is endless
  • Enjoy the fruits of your labour
  • 3.00pm or 5.00pm - A smile and a wave as you leave maybe with a warm loaf of bread made with your own fair hands....vowing to come back again soon!



Picture gallery: a few peeps and their delicious dishes having visited The Cook Shack!

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We'll be happy to advise you over the telephone: Just call us on 07624 485999 or contact us directly through the contact form.

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